Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Whole Megillah

Purim - one of my students, in her first slice of the month, referred to it as Jewish Halloween with cookies. Not quite, but the casual observer might agree. A Jewish day school on Purim is a fun, silly, joyous place to be. The kids, and teachers, pour into school in costume.  Then it's time for the traditional 5th grade Purim Shpiel - a retelling of the story of Esther set to musical parody. This year our wildly talented music teacher chose the theme of Pitch Perfect. The kids rose to the occasion once again.

I'm not big on dressing up in costume. Not anymore at least. Thankfully my teaching partner lives for themed Purim costumes for our third grade team. She, too rose to the occasion once again, and for over seven hours I was transformed into Dante, the crazy, lovable dog from Coco. (disclosure - I have not seen the movie. I'm just guessing that Dante is crazy and lovable). The costume was handmade dog ears, eyes and nose makeup, and...... a rubber bone. As she removed the bone from its packaging, Jana paused.

"Ewwww. Sorry, I didn't realize it was chicken flavored. Might not want to put it in your mouth." But when I'm in, I'm all in. I managed to not let it touch anything but teeth. And I never tasted chicken.

Only on Purim.

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