Tuesday, March 13, 2018

SOL13 - Devil vs. Angel

I shouldn't have popped in to Kim's music studio today. I just wanted to say hi, shoot the breeze for a few, maybe generate some ideas for our upcoming third grade extravaganza. I wasn't ready to be plunged into a half hour of agonizing deliberation.

"Hey did I tell you that I got tickets to see Hamilton?"

"You're kidding! It didn't sell out?" I was sure that the upcoming road show had sold out out within minutes of tickets going on sale late last year. Why should Portland be different than anywhere else?

"The just released a bunch of them. Check it out". Kim fired up the Google, and soon we were looking at two weeks of shows, almost all of them with some tickets available.

"Click on one of them. Let's see how much". The tickets ranged in price from $175 to $350. Decent seats, most of them in the orchestra. A few in the first section of the balcony. I felt my body temperature start to go up. My palms actually started to itch. Two tickets would be at least $350. Then add in charges, and I was looking at around $400.00

"Go on!, said the devil on my left shoulder. "It's the theater event of the century! You consider your self cultured, and you're going to pass up this chance? You're going to keep being jealous of your one student who's actually seen it? And keeps talking about it? All year long? This is your opportunity! your moment! Seize it!"

"Hey, cool your jets pal", cautioned the angel on the other side. "You've almost paid off that credit card debt. You're doing major work on the house this summer. And after all, you did just see Book of Mormon, didn't you? What if you buy the tickets and you don't really like it? How stupid will you feel then?"

I texted my wife, but she was no help. I could tell she thought it was too extravagant, but when I asked if, money aside, she wanted to see it, she replied, "But of course!"

I let that angel and devil fight it out until my prep period ended. The fever started to lessen, and I began to wonder what was greater, my desire to see the show, or the idea that it was something I should do, whether I really wanted to or not. And that's when I knew that I probably would not buy the tickets.

But then again, tomorrow is another day, and that devil might not give up so easily.


  1. I just saw Hamilton in Denver this weekend! You should definitely go see it, even if it means you have to eat beans for a whole week. It was so, so great! This morning I went online to see if I could get a ticket to see it again during spring break. It was $200, but I still might do it!