Monday, March 12, 2018

SOL 12/31 - The Easy Way Out

Here's the inevitable Slice of Life about writing Slices of Life. It's bound to happen, and it's happening because I missed yesterday, and I don't want to miss today. But here it is, 8:00 pm Pacific time, and I've still got loads of work that has to get done, but I must post!

Why is it so difficult to find an earlier time to write? My schedule provides enough prep time. I sure as the dickens get up early enough in the morning. Yet I continue to tell myself "I'll do it later". And then I come home and make dinner, because my wife has a chiropractic appointment, and then afterwards, before tackling the other stuff that has to get done, it's time to plotz for just a little while and watch the latest John Oliver episode.

So here it is. I've done it. The post about posting. I swear, it will be the only one this month. Tomorrow I vow to make better use of my time! By Grabthar's Hammer! (I cannot resist the occasional, obscure movie quote. Anyone?). Over and out.

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  1. Yes, I think we've all been there, writing a post about posting. :-) I'm not familiar with that movie quote.... Maybe someone else? :-) ~JudyK