Saturday, March 10, 2018

SOL 10/31 Vancouver Morning

Corner of Davie and Denman in  Vancouver BC, looking out over English Bay at seven in the morning  A line of red hulled tankers stretched in a line, still snoozing before they start their day. Across Denman from the Starbucks where I’m sitting is a small park ringed by a number of palm trees.  Do they ever wonder how in the world they got here?  Maybe that’s the punchline cosmic joke that the circle of bronze men find so funny. They are larger than life, and they form an outward facing ring in the middle of the park. I say men but really , they are the same man, shirtless, eyes closed, doubled over in mirth with a huge grin on his face. Whatever the joke is, it's obvious that he/they are having the last laugh.

"May this sculpture inspire laughter playfulness and joy in all who experience it"

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