Friday, March 10, 2017

#SOL17 Day 10 - The Artist Formerly Known as ...... Queen Esther?

Words that describe a Jewish day school on Purim - fun, laughter, costumes, creativity. Especially creativity in our school and especially in Kitah Hay (grade 5). That's the grade that produces the annual Purim Shpiel. The shpiel is a (comic) dramatization of the Book of Esther. punctuated by rousing choruses of boooo's whenever the name of the story's villain, Haman, is mentioned.

At Portland Jewish Academy, the Shpiel is a highly anticipated event, thanks to the above-and-beyond efforts of our outstanding music teacher, Kim. Each year Kim chooses a different musical theme, and writes song parodies that fit the story of Purim. This year's Shpiel was titled Purple Reign, and was set to the music of...... hey, do I really have to say his name?

The theme was the power of words, and there was also a not too subtle, yet hilarious subtext featuring a King Achashveros who does nothing but sit on his throne all day, tweeting about how great he is (When he's not riding around the kingdom of Shushan in his Little Red Corvette)!

The fifth graders were outstanding, and the song parodies were smart and funny. As usual, it made so so proud to be part of this incredibly creative school community!


  1. This sounds hysterical - Purple Reign ;-) I have always loved the story of Queen Esther...glad your celebration went so well.

  2. So fabulous! I love a good parody. Sounds like a special show.