Friday, March 17, 2017

#SOL17 17/31 - Friday!

Today is a teacher work day. I have a tradition for teacher workdays. I treat myself to a nice breakfast out. Today is also my birthday. All the more reason to treat myself right, right?

I was planning to go to Zell's Cafe - an old school breakfast/brunch cafe. Tried and true (not to mention, delicious). But the iconoclast inside of me butted in saying "Come on Rand, lets try something new!" A little bit of Yelp-ing later, I found a well reviewed sandwich shop, Meat Cheese Bread, that boasted a great breakfast burrito and steak & egg sandwich. I arrived shortly after 7:00 am. The place had a definite Portland vibe - hip, bearded counterman, minimalist decor, big blackboard menu. But something was missing. The place felt cold. Not unfriendly, but not entirely welcoming. I'm sure that sandwiches are great, and someday I'll actually try one, but today wasn't the day.

I was only two blocks from Zell's, my original destination. Cozy dining room with antique, dark woodwork and ornate bar; Sinatra and Ella and Dino playing softly in the background, warm, welcoming floor staff.

Sometimes you just gotta go with tradition. And the day is still young. I'm about to sneak out of my teacher workday (with the blessing of my principal, of course). There's still room in my day for something new.


  1. Happy Birthday! I think you chose wisely especially given the background music!

  2. Sounds like you made the right choice. Love the comfort of the old standby, and you can always go back when it's not a special day. Happy birthday!

  3. Yes, birthdays deserve tradition! Funny to think how close you got to trying something new. I'm wondering - did the sun shine on your birthday?

  4. Happy birthday! I just read your other post and I was hoping to read something about a sunny day! I hope the weather cooperated just like your principal did!