Monday, March 6, 2017

SOL Day 6 - Life on Mars

Living in Portland, OR can seem like living on another planet sometimes. In more ways than one. Some days that otherworldliness is found in the weather itself. Today was one of those days. It started out gray and wet, like so many other NW days. During my drive to school the wet transformed into white - a driving snow shower that quickly covered treetops at the higher, west side elevation. The snow continued for a while, stealing the attention of my third graders (not really hard to do, you dig?) until it changed back to rain, just in time for morning recess.

Lunch recess was more of the same, but as soon as I pulled the kids back in to hang out in the classroom, out came Mr. Sunshine, blazing with a coming attraction for Spring.

But the biggest treat came after my commute home, which was once again wet and gray. There's something about the late afternoon light in Portland, when the dying sun bursts out from the west, and hits the wall of gray to the east, illuminating the clouds and creating a contrast that can seem to be straight out of a Caravagio masterpiece. And to top it all off, a rainbow, of course.

Like another planet.


  1. Rainbow. Magic! Chicago has been quite confused about it's season lately, so this post really spoke to me. Thanks for sharing, great slice!

  2. We had some of that Monday sunshine in Seattle. Much needed, since this winter seems longer and grayer than usual. And you had a rainbow too!