Monday, March 6, 2017

SOL Day 3 - Well Trained

Lulu does not like snow. She also doesn't like the TV, when it's on, or being scratched on her belly. Lulu is a cat, and she likes things to be just the way they she likes them, case closed.
Some cats do like snow. I know this because last time it snowed - and we're talking about a lot of snow - I took a walk with my wife a witnessed some cats fearlessly foraging through the wet, white stuff, some even enjoying it.
Not Lulu. And this leads to a big problem. Lulu spends time inside and outside, but when it comes to nature's business, she's an outdoor kitty. We have a litter box in the house, but she hasn't used it in years. She refuses. So when she has to go, she cries at the door, peeks out at the snow, and runs back inside. Soon, she's going crazy, meowing to go out, yet afraid, and getting more and more uncomfortable.
Good thing she has a well trained owner, because when it gets to that point I have to put on the boots, coat, hat, and carry Lulu outside. But wait, there's more! I have to carry this freezing bundle of fur to the side of the house, kick away the snow until I've exposed the dirt, and then put Lulu down and wait until she's completed her mission, and then carry her back inside.
One of us is very well trained.

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