Saturday, March 25, 2017

#SOL 17 25/31 - A Slice From the Past

“Hey Rand, let’s go bowling”. That’s my friend Ross. Musician, artist, restaurant manager, record store owner, late night coffee drinker, and all hours bowler. We’re bowling after midnight at the 24-hour lanes. He’s a better bowler than I, but once in a while I get lucky, and bowl well over one hundred.

I’m standing at the line, looking at a pretty tough spare. Ross knows I’m over thinking it, in danger of psyching myself, and he pushes me further in that direction by start to sing the chorus to Foreigner’s “Head Games”.  I throw the ball. The two pins remain standing. Yep, he knows me well.

Ross died a year ago today. He slipped away while I was riding my bike, listening to his music. (Great band – The Glands). So today, what else was I to do but hop on the bike, plug in the headphones, and listen to my friend. And think about bowling.


  1. Sounds like a plan. I lost a friend like that this past year too. I still listen to him.

  2. Beautifully touching. I do the same to commemorate the people I love. Live in the songs and moments that remind me of them.

  3. How very sad. Your loss is still very raw, I am sure. You have a good plan in place - listening to his music, thinking about bowling.

  4. I can feel your loss in your words. Music brings us healing, doesn't it?